About Us


Two12 Sycamore supports the transplant community and their families serving as a gateway for information and assistance.

My Story:

In early March 2013 I was diagnosed with life threatening liver disease. My condition was so far advanced that the only hope for survival was transplant. Surrounded by outstandingly skilled Dr.’s and the most amazing nursing staff. I received my gift in June of 2013. I spent nearly 8 months in the hospital and over a year working on my recovery. With my physical and mental state at an all time low my contribution to my family was limited to say the least. My wife Candace and son Henri, who was 9 at the time and dealing with Aspergers, remained strong and dedicated to helping me reclaim my life. But they needed help. Led by my sisters Frances and Elaine, long time friend Tom and a host of others we received support of epic proportions. Support that continued through my illness, my recovery and remains today. I am forever grateful and inspired by the kindness of my friends, family and home town community. Two12 Sycamore was founded in recognition of where I grew up in Iola, KS. Son of Paul and Maxine who instilled in me the strength and will to overcome odds and recovery from a traumatic illness that not many thought was possible. Our goal is to provide at least a small amount of relief from the daily stress and concerns for transplant patients and their families. A simple thank you will never be enough to my donor and his family for the selfless gift I received. I can only hope to honor their legacy through my foundation by helping others. Hope~Faith~Believe

Board of Directors

  • Kenneth Wilson – Founder/President
  • Dr. Don Bodemann – Vice President
  • Shelby Bauer – Treasurer
  • Dr. John Shetlar – Secretary